Veronica - fashion blogger

Hello! Veronica here. I’m a twenty- something year old Czechoslovakian living in Toronto, Canada. I love my friends and family, and always look at the glass half full. Ever since childhood I’ve been a bit of a wild child, with a passion for fashion and avid love for life. A bit of a wanderlust, and self- titled busy bee, blogging combines my love for all things fashion-beauty-travel-life- food. You can never leave out food.Through (the) VBCHIC, I’m able to capture the looks I’ve created, the places I’ve been to and things I’m currently diggin’. This blog serves as a platform to inspire individual style and to get a peek inside in my life, all while showing you peeps that you don’t always have to spend a million bucks to… well look and feel like a billion bucks.


  1. So beautiful and full of style!


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