Linda - showcase of fashion

Hi there, my name is Linda. I'm from Boston! I've been blogging through numerous amounts of platforms since I was a pre-teen. I hardly ever talked in school and wasn't able to hold conversations so I turned to blogging as my way of speaking up, it was my safe corner. Years later, I discovered my love for fashion. I love how each outfit tells a different story and how there's an outfit for any type of mood I was feeling. I fell in love with pairing items together and I loved learning about the different fabrics, styles and materials of fashion. A few months ago, I took a leap of faith and decided to create my own fashion blog where not only do I get to broadcast my daily outfits but I get to help my audience with style options and different places to shop at for a good sale! Fashion is fun! It's my way to express myself. The world is my runway and I'm here to walk it.


  1. Cute photos and beautiful girl <3

  2. very trendy looks and sweet smile)

  3. Very beautiful post. You are so cute... kisses


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