Hi there! I'm Filipa. I'm a Design and Multimedia Animation student and an enthusiast photographer, currently working as an Illustrator, from Portugal. I love nature and foxes are my favorite animal. I also collect small plants like succulents and cactus. I'm addicted to tea and I'm in love with cute stuff and colorful hair! I'm a little socially awkward and my blog is my corner where I can share everything without fear. Regarding my style, I love wearing vintage and second handed things. I'm inspired by grunge fashion and I love pastel tones mixed with dark colors like black. I also like wearing oversized clothes, like jackets and shirts. Basically I enjoy wearing everything I want even if it doesn't make sense to other people. I always hope to inspire and be inspired!


  1. Love how you've played with hair color...not everyone can do that. Love your casual style too girlie!!


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