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I tend to incorporate my relaxed and feminine personality into my fashion choices. While I enjoy trying new trends, I always steer towards the classics and ensure each look is still very me. My favorite trends will forever be pieces with lace as well as off-the-shoulder items. 

I believe a girl must have a good white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and a perfectly red lipstick in her closet. Because I enjoy writing, blogging has become my outlet. I love how the blogging community has given me so much inspiration and I hope to share some inspiring posts as well.

Although I hailed from the tropical Philippines, I recently moved to Australia. My journey here and discovering my new home inspires me everyday. I find a balance between planning and spontaneity. In the same way, I am also a wise spender. I incorporate all this in my blog so my posts can be expected to be filled with budget-friendly fashion and travel posts.


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