To tell the truth, you don't need to have a lot of money to have yours special style. I am so happy that fashion always back to old school. I don't know but vintage clothes always fit so good! It's like a magic. I am a real fan of wide leg jeans.. I think this is love. For every day, I prefer a basic style but so important part for me is the makeup. This is my little secret. Because you can wear some comfortable clothes.. for example white t-shirt and jeans or oversize dress but with the natural makeup you will shine. For me, is very important things to feeling comfortable in what you wearing and you will be always looks gorgeous and confidence. I am in love with Kate Moss style. She's a true British fashion icon. She's inspire me every day. She doesn't have to wear some unordinary. She basically invented the notion. What about me like a young model.. I am trying to be a chameleon- like ability to transform for shoots. To tell the truth, I really believe that I am another person on the photoshoots. Modeling give me the best thing that I never had.. this is a confidence. I just trying to love myself, my mind, my body and I opening my personal style with every single day. 

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