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Today there are thousend of fashion blogs around the world, why did you decided to start with your own blog?
 Well, you're right, but that's the amazing thing of fashion blogs: you can see the interpretation of fashion from different people; each person has an individual style, a personal vision, not only of fashion, but also of life in general, which influences what you wear and how you wear it. As a blogger, you can inspire other people with your style, but at the same time, you're inspired by other bloggers. I think fashion blogging is a wonderful creativity exercise, and I thought that I could contribute with my own vision.
What inspires you when you get dressed?
 I use to prepare the outfit in advance, at least the general idea. An amazing inspiration is the street style and I don't mean only what you see on the magazines, but in the real street.
Which is your favourite fashion trend? 
I find the shoulder-free trend so romantic and feminine! I really love this style, in both dresses and crop tops. And the tribal style, with earth tones and very big necklaces.
Which are your favourite accessories?
I'm mad about shoes. Shoes can really make the difference in each outfit. I like to wear necklaces, as well. But I try to keep it simple: for me, less is more.
What do you use to do to stay fit? 
I am an active person: I use to go everywhere by bike. I love dancing and when the weather is good, I like jogging or practicing sport outdoors, for example ping-pong or basketball.
Tell us something about your hobbies?
Besides practicing sport and blogging I really enjoy cooking, especially baking bread: it's easier than you could think and better than what you can buy! I like learning new languages, as well: it's just great when you can communicate in the local language when you travel!


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