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Paola Lauretanohere is something about me:

1) I started blogging about 3 years ago. I was a model and I worked for many number of fashion brands.... fashion is my life!

2) I love Olivia Palermo style, she looks amazing whether she's sitting front row at FW or walking around N.Y.C. in her sneakers! So, she has an enviable sense of style and a great ability to mix feminine classics with contemporary pieces.

3) My personal style is effortless chic, trendy, but with personal and original combinations. I am convinced that accessories are very important and they play a key role in defining a style. My inspiration comes from the street style and from the runway, of course.

4) My must-have pieces are:
- a pair of jeans
- a black leather jacket
- a little black dress
- a tailored blazer
- a white shirt
- a classic trench coat

5) I post 3 times a week, usually my outfits, so the post ideas come from my closet!!!

6) It is not always easy to balance this activity with everything else. Finding time to publish posts always fresh and original on my blog and then spend time with my family and my main job is sometimes stressful.
Behind it all there is a great passion for the fashion system!

7) Sharing my passion, meeting people with the same interest, take part to fashion shows, parties and cool fashion events. And the great satisfaction of having a lot of followers that shows you that  they like your style!

8) I love to break the rules of fashion, to be creative ... always with taste

9) I'm bags and shoes-addict!!! Totally obsessed with luxury accessories!

10) The hottest  F2016 trends in my fashion report:
- the feminine slip dresses,
- the vivid colors,
- the romantic ruffles,
- the graphic stripes

11) I receive a lot of items. Blogging is a great opportunity of making money.

12) My most viewed post are always the ones where I public  the outfits worn in the various editions of the fashion week. My looks are also published by several fashion magazines and my followers love to watch them.

13) I hope that increase daily visits to my blog and the number of followers and fixed my style continues to inspire people.

14) Never forget that: a truly stylish woman may sift through the trends but she is certain that style is more important than fashion. Being elegant is not about brands but rather about items that flatter the figure. It is about imagination that represents understated glamour, of being selective, exquisite, and delicately tasteful.


  1. follow her she will follow u

  2. Awesome look and pictures!
    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  3. Thanks a lot, it's always a pleasure to see my style on your amazing blog!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. These are some great looks! The "danger" skirt at the top is too cute!

    Adi xx


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