Saturday, 14 January 2017





You don’t have to wait any longer to discover the new Massimo Dutti for the coming season: these are the (first) images you need to see…and follow.

With spring drawing ever closer, Massimo Dutti exclusively presents a preview of the looks designed for the new season. New coordinating pieces to make a note of, desire, follow and enjoy, not long to wait, just until February. The countdown begins to owning the most sought-after items, which will be soon be available with a single click. 

This is a preview of fashion that remixes and reinvents itself. Suit jackets are sober and pure, displaying a ladylike, urban and sophisticated side.

The most sought-after LOOKS
available very soon.

Coordination vs. incoordination, monotone versus perfect colour duos, and the classic air of tailored pieces in contrast to silhouettes that look to the future yet still reference the past.

and ultra feminine.
This is what 
SPRING looks like.

Abstract geometry in striking cuts and palettes that offer pure chromatic harmony in pieces that dazzle like paintings.