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My name is Sassi, I am 19 years old and I’m from beautiful Munich. 2015 I discovered blogging for me, and now it is one of my biggest passions. Since I consider “uniqueness” as extremely important, the blog name “Be Sassique” is created of the words “unique” and “Sassi” my name. My blog is about fashion and beauty. As a (unique) human is composed of many facets, it is also about my love for travelling and interior. Quite many facets – and that’s why I hope that you find something that interests you.


I'm Isobel Coline a UK based Personal Style, Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger. This blog was firstly created to show what bargains I had bought from local charity shops, car boots or online etc. I'm a serious bargain hunter...I find things so cheap - and so will you if you shop in the right places! Sometimes I spend a lot of money on one thing, but that is only if I seriously am wanting that item and feel the need to splurge on myself every now and again! Even though I started this blog back in 2014, a lot has changed, from moving onto expressing my personal style, beauty favourites or reviews to even advice posts where I explain about certain topics on judgement, anxiety and many other things. I also write about certain aspects of my lifestyle, especially on my YouTube channel too in my weekly and weekend vlogs.


I was born and raised in the oh so wild streets of Berlin / Kreuzberg, the Spree river is flowing through my veins and confetti is filling my head. I live for backpacking, silly jokes and parties. I’m not that kind of person who is trying to find enlightenment and the answers to life’s questions inside of a wardrobe but looking won’t hurt (only my wallet). It’s all just about expressing myself – everything else would feel like drowning in textile boredom. I’m always looking for an adventure and what might sound like a quote from a shady dating site really just describes my attitude towards life. Right now I’m studying fashion and design management at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Berlin. I have been working as a stylist and was recently writing my own column for an online magazine.


I'm Olivia. Welcome in my world. I'm making, I'm designing, I'm sewing fashion - it's my passion. I want be a fashion designer or stylist. I'm very artistic and outgoing person. I like when something is going. I don't like boredom. I love animals and food! Yes, pasta is my favourite! :) I always go to happines. My motto is never give up, and there is always sunshine after a rainy day.